We have been in our new timber frame home for two years now, and I thought I would write to you to tell you how we like it. We absolutely love it! As you know we value nature and natural settings and fell in love with timber frame structures years ago due to the warmth and rustic feeling we get from them. We really enjoy how timber frame homes work so well with the natural world around us. We have discovered that we got all of this and more from your timber frame. What a work of art you and your crew have made for us. We have seen several other timber frame homes since we have moved in, and the quality and design of your timber frame stands way above anything else we have seen. This is an understatement. What a difference. Thank you Collin!

Since the day you brought our timber frame to life, we have received so many compliments that it is impossible to count them anymore. It continues to this day. Everyone we bring into our home is just amazed at the place. Many say things like, "Oh my goodness, I want a timber frame house just like this." "A house like this would be a home of my dreams!" We had a friend tell us that our home is the most beautiful home he has ever seen. And believe me, he has seen a lot of them, knowing what he does for a living….

Thanks again Collin. The home you carved for us is truly our dream home.

Derek, Kim and Skyler