Contest Point, Idaho

From conception to completion, we designed and built this home, utilizing an eclectic mix of naturally curved timbers, shou sugi ban finishes, and hand-forged, custom hardware from the preeminent blacksmith, Jake James. This guest home stands upon a prominent mountain lookout with commanding views of Lake Pend Oreille and local eagle nests.


Hidden Valley, Idaho

A highly insulated, eco-friendly Douglas fir building with Welsh medieval cruck entry, which Collin Beggs designed, built and oversaw to the last detail as a general contractor. 


Oregon Cruck Barn

One of the largest pure Timber Frames in Western North America, a 7,000-square-foot aisled cruck barn in Western style designed and built by Collin Beggs. A large community helped in the raising.

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House of Good Cheer

A craftsman's take on the half-dovetail cabin, using delicate crooked wood and fragrant, hand-planed Port Orford cedar. Collin Beggs designed, built, and oversaw this home as a general contractor. 

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Ketchum, Idaho

We designed and build the timber frame for this family home in Ketchum, Idaho which I based around my long held love for historic barns. 


Spokane, Washington

A selectively eco-friendly Timber Frame designed and built by Collin Beggs, with an English-style roof system and a variety of heavy timber details. 

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Victor, Idaho

A mix of rough sawn and veneer hewn Douglas fir, just over the pass from Jackson Hole. Designed and built by Collin Beggs, and featuring a King Post truss with an integrated cupola.


Small Timber Frames

A variety of smaller projects: a garden gate, decorative industrial support, an exhibit booth, entryways, signposts, an extended covered porch area, and so on.

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Historical Restoration

Re-construction of Joseph Smith's family cabin in Palmyra, New York. A project designed by historians and New York State Barn Company, which Collin Beggs worked on as a restoration carpenter.


Sandpoint, Idaho

A small and cozy Timber Frame home of about 1200 square feet, designed by Collin Beggs and built alongside owner/builder, Thomas Jenkins and a few of Jenkins' students.


Cross Gable Pavilion

A structurally complex outdoor three-season seating area with a fireplace. Due to tight access between other buildings, Collin Beggs designed it so the Western Red Cedar roof could be lifted into place.


Schweitzer Mountain

High atop Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort, a structural post and beam house using reclaimed wood and reinforced with decorative metal. Designed by Boden Mountain Architecture.

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Sagle, Idaho

Made of heavy, hand-hewn oak, this nineteenth-century-style barn and attached living area was designed with Krister Allen, built by Collin Beggs.

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Stonington, Maine

The first Timber Frame Collin Beggs designed and built, a simple structure featuring a double ridge beam inspired by Quebec Timber Framing. He used only traditional handtools. 


Pack River, Idaho

This Collin Beggs design/build was inspired by European mountain chalets. The site sits in a flood plain, so the main living area was engineered accordingly.

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