Hi Pat and Tami [Owners of House of Good Cheer],
That is a pretty nifty landscape… you'll get no argument from me. I like working there after 5 when the shadows and sun breaks are coming from the west. Can't top it.  The real magic, if you must know, is in the elevation changes from lake to garden. Changes in perspective fit the eye and make things interesting.  ("Landscaper Secrets Revealed").
 I must say though, the house is nicer than the landscape. I've had the good fortune to work on some incredible homes — some that cost $10,000,000 or more to build — and I can honestly say that yours tops them all. The work is obviously unbelievable, but the house is simple and fits that land perfectly. Anymore, that seems to be an nearly impossible feat to accomplish. 
— Nate Lynch, Owner, Special Additions Landscaping