Dear Collin,

I want to thank you for your recent cooperation regarding our Timber Frame booth endeavor.

Your craftsmanship along with your packing services created a hassle free experience. The booth is totally awesome, we received comments from those that are "old school" mentality and that appreciate your craft.

Our new marketing pieces are an ideal compliment with our timber & siding menu and booth display. I truly feel we had more interest in the timber, truss & siding items over that of our flooring products, how about that? Our intent is to follow-up all leads with these various marketing pieces and to include your business card along with our sincerest of recommendations.

Your packaging of the materials for the booth was beyond that of expectation, and we have high expectations. I can't thank you enough for that as that was one of my largest concerns. I can't help but feel you may have been short changed in all this, but I hope this is not the case. It has truly been a pleasure dealing with you.

Your support is already making a positive impact to our newly developed lead base. All marketing materials were very well received, but none more than the timbers & siding brochure as it fits well with designers, architects and builders perfectly. We will keep you posted as to our progress.

Kindest Regards,

Glen Ehrhardt, President
Harvest Timber Co.