tree house

Raising The Owl House

Collin and his crew just finished assembling the bones of an owl-shaped treehouse set in an Olympia, Washington, rainforest for the Previous Man film his friend Sean O'Connor wrote and is directing. The film features another friend, Shane O'Grady, as actor and producer, with the star role going to Daniel Higgs, the deeply-bearded lead singer of Lungfish, whom Shane called an "embodier" rather than an actor. 

The Owl House, as it's been dubbed, is a finessed timber frame structure of fir, walnut and birch, finished with a light round of sho sugi ban carbon charring, and between the heavy-mossed firs of the coastal rainforest, under the canopy of wet leaves, the dark wood with its burned grain is expansive, heart-opening; and yet also constraining, unsettling. It is exactly what Sean and Shane envisioned for the way the Owl House plays into the development of the film's main character.  

Collin's crew — Dave and Hank, with the on-site addition of Johnny — worked hard on the raising, and Dave and Hank stayed to finish the structure's staircase. In the coming days, the lighter wood of the flooring will be stained and the structure will be finished out by Olympia-based Pete Chramiec's crew.