Shelter from the storm

A home is your sanctuary and your protection from the natural elements. Sometimes those elements dish out more than is expected. Last night, Sandpoint, Idaho, and its surrounding areas suffered wind storms that knocked out electricity and damaged many homes, primarily due to trees falling on them.

One of the first homes I designed and built suffered multiple blows by very large trees, but held strong. When I went inside to tally the destruction, I saw that the timber frame had remained intact and true, thus protecting the interior from any damage.

On this home we installed a cedar shake roof, which is easy to replace, reuse, and recycle.
If this was an asphalt roof, the landfill would be its next home. Wood is an enduring material because of its easy repairability, strength, longevity, low embodied energy to produce, and lasting beauty. 

For centuries, timber frame homes have offered that extra assurance of security and safety, and they still do that today.