Craft Is The New Green

By blending the centuries-old craft of timber framing with modern energy performance, we create homes that embody our values and mission as a company.

Our client Derek Hanson in Spokane, Washington, recently sent us an enthusiastic letter about the way the timber frame home we built him measured up ecologically to the Energy Star test: 
"Our Energy Star home blower test passed with flying colors! Really! The Director of WSU Energy Star training and such came out to instruct and do it himself. He talked to us during and after and said that that was one of the best air tight blows of a new house he has ever seen! Thought you would like to know."

What this means, in case you aren't familiar with this test: leaky homes are difficult to heat and hard to cool. This also translates to the comfort of the home for its occupants. The only way to know whether your home is leaky or tight is to measure its air leakage rate with a blower door. A blower door is a tool that depressurizes a house; this depressurization exaggerates the home’s air leaks, making the leaks easier to measure and locate.

An energy-efficient house must be as airtight as possible. Many older US homes are so leaky that a third to a half of the home’s heat loss comes from air leaks. We also see poorly detailed newer homes that do not perform as well as they would have if the builders had invested the time and energy into doing things correctly.

We value you, we value your investment, and that's why we take the time to do it right the first time.