Wood texture

There are differing ways that wood is finished or left unfinished. Often, there will be more than one type within a home.

Rough Sawn: Rough sawn describes how the log comes off of the sawmill, either circular sawn or band sawn. Rough sawn wood blends well with our Western Mountain Vernacular — in other words, it tends to meld with what people find appealing about the tradition and culture of the Northwest.

Hewn: Hewing is the craft of squaring up a log with an axe, in this case a felling axe and finally the broad axe. Hewing can be done from the whole, round log, or veneer hewn from an already-sawn timber. Hewn timbers have an ancient look and add movement to the frame.

Hand Planed: Hand planing brings out the grain and natural beauty of the wood, creating the most refined surface possible.